I help clients lose weight, decrease inflammation, and improve their brain health.

Since working with Taft, I feel like I not only eat a more healthy, well balanced meal, but also have the feeling of being full, without being too full.

My 13-year of son greatly benefited from the exceptional strength, speed, and flexibility training. He greatly improved in all these areas in his pursuit of his athletic and fitness goals.

Three months ago we met with Taft Draper. My wife was not doing very well but thanks to your care she is doing good. Taft did a great job!
Thank you for your help!.

Taft had guided me through changes to my nutrition to reduce the symptoms of IBS and enrich my nutrition to increase my iron intake/absorption. Tafts expertise allows me to use the Mediator Release Test/Lifestyle Eating and Performance information to improve my life through better health.

Taft introduced me to a new testing service that allows me to know what foods my body is sensitive to. Taft was able to support me in starting a new diet that began calming my immune system down. I am currently 4 months into this diet and have reduced my symptoms by 90%. Taft has been a great support.

Losing weight has never been a positive experience for me- and you are helping me change that.
Thank you so so much.