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Personalized and Integrative Nutrition Consulting & Testing

Serving clients, in-house, locally in the Asheville, NC area and remotely, anywhere in the world!

When you don’t feel your best, everything suffers: your work life, your personal life, even your self-esteem. Many Americans are suffering from Chronic Conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, GI issues, skin conditions, migraines, fatigue, brain fog/memory loss, or a generally poor quality of life.  All of these chronic conditions can be improved with better nutrition. 

Sure, it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the go. And, many people don’t know where to start when they go to the grocery store or even how to cook a healthy meal. Instead, they choose what is easy or convenient, contributing to long-term chronic health issues.

When you make nutrition a priority, you save time and money by preventing or reversing chronic illnesses, spending less time feeling bad and increasing your ability to work, play and enjoy life.

I am Taft Draper, Registered Dietitian and Integrative Nutritionist, based in the Asheville, NC area and serving clients worldwide, who has made it my mission to help my clients understand that food is medicine and that it is your best ally for a healthy, happy life.

  • I met with Taft to find a nutrition solution that would increase my energy levels and reduce my weight by approximately 20 lbs. I hike, kayak, cycle, and mountain bike and need lots of healthy fuel to power it. I followed his suggestions and within 8 weeks I achieved my weight loss goal, with a dramatic increase in energy. Listen to Taft’s advice and it will pay off. I feel fantastic now!!

  • Taft is excellent, I have lost 10lbs of body fat and gained 17 lbs of muscle in the 2 years that I have been seeing him. I am a avid cross fitter, mountain biker, and whitewater kayaker and everything has improved due to my nutrition! Thanks Taft.

  • My experience with Taft Draper has been nothing but successful. I came to see Taft with multiple chronic illnesses and what I found has been life changing. Taft introduced me to a new testing service that allows me to know what foods my body is sensitive to. By eating these sensitive foods my body continues to yo-yo. Once I got my results Taft was able to support me in starting a new diet that began calming my immune system down. I am currently 4 months into this diet and have reduced my symptoms by 90%. Taft has been a great support. Thank you for your services!

  • Taft Draper began helping me with anemia and IBS. Taft had guided me through changes to my nutrition to reduce the symptoms of IBS and enrich my nutrition to increase my iron intake/absorption. Taft’s expertise allows me to use the Mediator Release Test/Lifestyle Eating and Performance information to improve my life through better health.

  • My visit with Taft put me on the path to lose over 45 lbs. I now better understand how I process foods and how food affects my body.  With Taft’s help, I’ve become a healthier version of myself!

Healthier Happens Together

Complete Nutrition Coaching & Testing Services

Nutrition Coaching

Spend one on one time with Taft to get expert nutrition guidance

Nutrition Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing (LEAP MRT), GI Map (stool test), Precision Analytical  DUTCH Hormone test.

Ongoing Nutrition Coaching

Choose Nutrition Quick Fix, Nutrition Makeover, or Nutrition Intensive

Does Insurance Cover Nutrition Consultations?

Taft Draper Nutrition accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Not all BCBS plans pay for nutrition counseling. We will call to verify your insurance to see whether or not it covers nutrition counseling. If it doesn’t, payment is expected at the time of the appointment. Checks should be made payable to Taft Draper Nutrition, LLC. Credit cards are also accepted.

You will be provided with a receipt that you may submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. A $25 cancellation fee will be billed to the individual for the missed appointment unless the RD is notified of cancellation at least 24 hours in advance.

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Nutrition is a Holistic Journey.

I focus on the fundamental change that addresses your top priorities. The steps we take address different systems in the body. We’ll look at cellular health, inflammation, gut imbalances, liver dysfunction, brain health, and hormone balance. My fundamental approach includes:

  • Dietary Analysis
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Exercise and Movement
  • Stress Reduction Management
  • Sleep and Mindset
  • Analysis of Biomarkers
  • Food Journals

My mission is to teach people about how nutrition, exercise, and mindset can improve your quality of life and prevent disease. I do this by:

  • Creating Science-Based Plans
  • Providing Practical Advice that Is Sustainable
  • Utilizing Functional Tests and Quality Supplements
  • Building a Community Around Health and Wellness Right Where You Live and Work

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